Market Leading

EDS work closely with Europe’s market leading manufacturers to install the best equipment available in all sizes, for all extraction applications. 

Energy Saving

A complete dust extraction system designed by our qualified team at EDS will feature intelligent ENERGY SAVING CONTROLS to achieve significant reductions in electricity consumption – very often by MORE THAN HALF!               

In times of rising energy costs, this means the payback period for your capital outlay can be much shorter and your return on investment is better than expected! 

To minimise energy consumption, the fan speed is continuously monitored and reduced to the optimum level by a variable speed controller. 

Lower running speeds increase the service life of fans, as well as the filter media, which also contributes to reduced operating costs in the medium to long term. Another important benefit is a reduction in noise output around the work area and at the fan.

Our package includes:

  • user-friendly touchscreen display
  • control panel
  • bespoke programming
  • full monitoring system
  • modem
  • remote monitoring for back up
  • full operator instructions

EXAMPLE:  A reduction in the fan speed of just 20%, when not all your machines are running, will produce

50% saving in electricity consumed! 

Combustible dusts (ATEX)

At EDS, we have proven competence and experience in designing and installing extraction systems for hazardous materials (potentially explosive atmospheres), which will ensure your compliance with ATEX Directives.

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