Sanding Benches

Sanding benches take dust and fumes away from your operator by drawing them down through the table and into the internal filters, returning clean air back to the room.
If sanding is a part of your business, you want to ensure your workers aren’t inhaling dust and fumes as they work. We can advise you on the best sanding benches for your needs, and we supply and deliver throughout Scotland.

Spray booths

A well ventilated area is always essential in spray booths and rooms as you should never compromise your respiratory health under any circumstances. If you already have a spray room with insufficient ventilation, we can modify it for you.
The spray booths supplied by EDS use a centrifugal fan with a shielded electric motor that sits outside the airstream. The use of a fan rather than a blower means there’s less chance of it being clogged with paint and dust, and reduces the risk of overheating. When a motor overheats it could ignite the paint and dust particles which could be dangerous for your workers.

Ensuring your business runs safely and smoothly.

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