Conveyors and Silos

The wood waste collected by your extraction system (normally reduced through a shredder if necessary) is transported to a storage silo via a conveyor, ready to be fed into a biomass boiler or wood burner for safe and efficient removal, whilst also providing a valuable source of energy. 

EDS will design, supply and install conveyors and silos of all sizes to suit customers’ individual needs, often as part of a completely integrated bespoke dust extraction and biomass boiler system, providing cost-effective heating for your premises. 

Biomass Boilers and Wood Burners

A modern, efficient biomass boiler heating system will provide :-

  • an excellent return on your investment  
  • a shorter payback period when energy costs are rising 
  • affordable heating for your workplace  
  • a significant reduction in your energy costs 
  • a reduction in your CARBON FOOTPRINT 

Biomass fuel is largely considered to be carbon neutral, so biomass heating systems can have a carbon emission factor of nearly 7 times less than the equivalent gas-fired system, making them one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint! 

Click on link below for further information about biomass boiler heating systems from our partners at AFS Biomass

Wood Shredders and Briquette Presses

Investing in a wood shredder or briquetting press is a simple and cost-effective solution to reducing wood waste on site and converting it to a valuable energy resource, so that it can be stored and burned, or sold. 

Click on link for further information about Votecs wood waste reduction technology, shredders & briquetting presses.

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